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A good night’s sleep can boost your immune system, help manage stress, boost energy and ensures we enjoy good mental health.

Our new sleep and wellbeing hub is here to help you with expert health, sleep and wellbeing advice to help improve the quality of you and your family's lifestyles.

Sleep Advice

How to Sleep When Stressed

It’s perfectly natural to feel stressed from time-to-time. Work, life, love and everything in-between can […]

Sleep Advice

How to Sleep in the Heat

We all know a good night’s sleep is important. We need this rest in order […]

The Bedroom

Pick the Perfect Pillow

At Silent night bedding we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and we […]

The Bedroom

Bed & Mattress Buyers Guide

Welcome to the Silentnight bed buying guide, the only guide you’ll ever need for finding […]

The Bedroom

Support Systems Guide

What is a mattress support system? The mattress support system is a vital component that […]

The Bedroom

Mattress Care Guide

Keeping your mattress in top condition is just a matter of following a few simple […]

Sleep Advice

Foods to Help You Sleep

Recent studies have shown that we actually just need a good balance of the naturally […]

Sleep And Children

How to Shop for a Kids or Toddler Mattress

OK, so you found the perfect kids bed for you girls room or boys room, […]

Sleep And Children

How to make your child’s bedroom a sleep-friendly place

What’s most important to you about your child’s bedroom? That it’s a fun, colourful space […]

How to Properly Measure the Length, Width and Height of your Mattress and Bed

As you are aware of the different mattress types we have in store, it’s time […]

Sleep And Children

How to Clean Your Child’s Mattress: Wetting the Bed

Cleaning Instructions Note: The sooner you clean the stain, the easier it will be to […]