How to Shop for a Kids or Toddler Mattress

OK, so you found the perfect kids bed for you girls room or boys room, and now it’s time to find the perfect kids mattress. It may not be as exciting, in fact, shopping for mattresses can be very complicated – there are lots of brands, options and sales messages. As adults we spend a lot of time trying out many mattresses before finally choosing the right one, but how much effort and time are we spending on kids mattresses? Kids spend more time in bed than adults, and their bones and organs need proper support while developing and growing. Let’s also not forget the “occasional” spills and wear and tear kids mattresses endure! So, buying the right mattress for your child is actually a very important decision.

Questions to ask before buying a kids mattress.

  • Is it comfy? Just because it’s “made for kids”, does not mean it shouldn’t have the same, or better quality and comfort features than an adult mattress. thick padding, luxurious ticking and great quality materials are all key to creating a super comfy mattress.
  • what size of mattress will fit the Bed?. Technically, you can use a mattress that is up to 10″ thick in bunk beds if you so choose. However, we strongly recommend using low profile mattresses, ideally at 6″, to maximize the safety rail height. If you really want a thicker mattress, we suggest looking for an 8″ thickness, but avoid going all the way to 10″.
  • What choices are available, and what’s the difference? Strangely enough there are not that many choices of children’s mattresses out there! Through Silentnight offers the main 4 categories of mattresses to give you a great array of choices from the most affordable foam mattress to high grade medium firm mattresses

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