Bed & Mattress Buyers Guide

Welcome to the Silentnight bed buying guide, the only guide you’ll ever need for finding your perfect bed and mattress. From mattress sizes to support systems; divan solutions to firmness ratings, we have it all covered here.


Firmness Ratings Guide/Shop by comfort Level

Why do we use firmness ratings?

Our sleeping positions are as unique as our personalities, which is why we use firmness ratings to help you find the perfect sleep surface.

Different firmness ratings tend to suit different sleeping positions. For example, a side sleeper might prefer a medium/soft rating, whereas a back sleeper opts for a firmer rating.

However, there are no steadfast rules and you might find you need a different firmness rating to the one you choose.


  • Firmness Rating: Medium-Soft/Plush Soft

Calling all side-sleepers – this might just be the comfort rating for you.

A softer comfort rating lets you blissfully “sink-into” the mattress, while still providing a little push-back on the areas that need a bit of extra-support.


  • Firmness Rating: Medium-Firm

The Goldilocks of comfort ratings. Not too firm, not too gentle: medium is the most popular choice for obvious reasons.


  • Firmness Rating: Luxury-Firm

Do you change position when you sleep, from your side to your back? Or does your other half sleep differently to you? Then a Luxury- firm mattress may be your best option as it still gives good support for the shoulders and hips when you sleep on your side.


  • Firmness Rating: Firm

Those of a larger stature tend to go for a firmer mattress that’ll have less give and provide extra support for the spine.

If you prefer to sleep on your back or on your stomach, a firm mattress will give you just the right amount of support.


Firmness Rating: Extra Firm

Sometimes called an orthopedic mattress, lying on this type of mattress can help with back issues as it gives more support to the whole body – and your back in particular. However, dependent on your stature, you might need a softer mattress to ease away those back aches and pains.

When you find yourself in a bad mood before bed, think about everything you’re grateful for or what makes you happy. Regardless of your mood, remain positive and know that tomorrow will be a fresh start so get your snooze on and relax..

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