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Beddings have come a long way, there are many factors to consider when choosing what’s right for you. From mattresses to pillows, there are lots of options that fit various needs. Our guide is here to help you navigate the options and find your match made in heaven.

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Body Aches

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Allergy Sufferers

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Moving Out

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Luxury Firm

Support System

Pocket Spring: Individually responsive springs that provide tailored body support.

Ideal For

All types of sleepers (back sleepers, side sleepers & stomach sleepers). Couples who need a mattress that meets varying needs. People who need back and joint support.



Medium Firm (best balance of firm and soft)

Support System

Bonnel Spring: Advanced Spring technology relieves your pressure points for better sleep.

Ideal For

Side sleepers who like extra contouring.

People who need stable, adequate support over the entire sleeping area

Those who have a slighter frame and do not suffer from back problems

People looking for medium firm support with a little bit of sinking in



Medium Firm

Support System

Pure Foam Mattress

Ideal For

Fitted with a deep layer of premium foam, this mattress epitomizes luxury firm comfort. More than great support.




Support System

Bonnel Spring: Advanced Spring technology relieves your pressure points for better sleep.

Ideal For

Heavier body types and people who prefer extra support with a more rigid feel. Back and Stomach Sleepers who need a firmer mattress

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Smart materials


A comfort filling that sits above the support system and helps to personalize your sleeping experience. The layer of foam minimizes the bounce back from the springs and enhances your comfort on your mattress.


Gel is our advanced infused foam comfort filling that sits above the support system (bonnel spring or pocket spring). It offers enhanced breathability, soothing pressure relief with active response technology to gift you a perfect, undisturbed sleep, night after night.

Pocket Springs

The superior Pocket Spring system responds independently to deliver tailored support and the ultimate in comfort. It has individually responsive springs for tailored support. It gives luxurious comfort and ease of movement all night and offers edge to edge support for maximum sleeping space.

Bonnel Spring

The unique open coil spring system offers comfort and support for all sizes, whilst ensuring “no roll together” for less partner disturbance. Its intelligent design features a continuous length of wire “knitted” into a series of interwoven springs, which are linked vertically rather than horizontally. It give you pressure relief while giving firmer support.

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